Healthy Living in the North

Foodie Friday: Living out your healthy cultural traditions

soapberry ice cream, woman preparing ice cream

Culture is so important for health and wellness. It shapes how we define health and wellness and how we practice it. As a society, health and wellness seem to be narrowly defined by weight. Health is much more than the physical parameter of … [Continue reading]

Everyday superheroes make the difference!

Parachute Safe Kids Week banner

Recently, I saw a pin with Mickey Mouse skateboarding. Visible on this tiny pin, Mickey had all the safety gear: knee pads, elbow pads, and, most importantly, a helmet. Even Mickey Mouse knows injuries are preventable! This year's Safe Kids Week, … [Continue reading]

Are you a SmartMom?

pregnant women holding cell phone

Becoming a “mama” was the best thing to ever happen to me! As a nurse working in public health, I thought I had all of the knowledge, tools, and skills I needed to be a “smart” mom. I honestly thought it was going to be easy! During my pregnancy, I … [Continue reading]

Food: a foundation for building relationships

Mother and daughter picking peas

Take a moment to recall some of your favourite childhood memories. Do they have a theme? My fondest memories seem to have two things in common: they're all associated with a sense of being loved, accepted, and cared for, and they all involve … [Continue reading]

World No Tobacco Day: Tobacco – a threat to development

WHO graphic

I grew up in southern Ontario near the "tobacco belt" of Norfolk and Elgin counties. I remember the green buildings with red roofs throughout the area: the kilns where tobacco was hung to dry. Many prosperous farms existed in this sandy- and … [Continue reading]

What is World No Tobacco Day?

WHO infographic

What is World No Tobacco Day? It's an opportunity to talk globally, nationally, provincially, and within our own communities about reducing commercial tobacco use*. The World Health Organization (WHO) states commercial tobacco use kills about 7 … [Continue reading]