Healthy Living in the North

Foodie Friday: Build your own quick and tasty wraps (and enjoy more time outdoors!)

Dog in strawberry patch with person watching while eating a wrap.

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and it finally feels like summer is just around the corner! The longer days mean that there is plenty of time to enjoy an outdoor adventure after work, or a BBQ with friends and family. For me, a … [Continue reading]

Ride into Summer with Bike to Work & School Week

Bike riding on a bike path

Remember the good old days when your bike was not just your only form of transportation, but your ticket to freedom and independence? The summer would pass in a blink as you racked up countless miles riding anywhere and everywhere on your bike, … [Continue reading]

What can you do to support safe and inclusive school environments for children with food allergies?

Students in classroom

The lunch bell rings and Johnny enthusiastically starts to eat his tuna salad sandwich, apple, cookie, and milk. As he is chatting with his friends, he suddenly starts to feel sick. His mouth feels itchy and his tummy starts to hurt. Johnny finds his … [Continue reading]

Beware the noisy toy

Baby with toy

I have seen many an adult with hearing loss due to excessive noise exposure. In my current role as a pediatric audiologist, I am more likely to see hearing problems due to an ear infection than to noise damage. That doesn't mean it's not possible, … [Continue reading]

Foodie Friday: Fiddleheads, a springtime treat

Besides the singing birds and the extra vitamin D from the sunshine, my favourite part of spring is the increased variety of locally produced fruit and vegetables that start to pop up in the grocery stores and farmers markets. By this time of year, I … [Continue reading]

Babies, solid foods, and allergies: What do you need to know?

baby eating solids

Are you worried that your baby might develop a food allergy? I was. A baby is at higher risk of developing an allergy if they have a parent or sibling with a food allergy, eczema, asthma or hay fever, or if the baby has severe eczema. My husband had … [Continue reading]