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Announcing the Picture YOU Healthy Challenge

Chapman vs Bowering

Dr. Chapman (on the right) as he faced off with Dr. Bowering (left) in the March MANness competition 2012.

March is here and with it brings new opportunities to become active in your community. Last year, Dr. Bowering and I took part in a healthy competition during the March MANness 2012 campaign, competing in ping pong, Wii Golf, and a final race around the track at the Northern Sports Centre. While the ending was controversial, the message was not: getting active is fun and easy!

We have been on a journey to raise awareness about our position papers on modifiable risk factors on topics including healthy eating, active living, and healthy communities. During September we issued the September Healthy Living Challenge to find out how northerners apply these principles to their everyday lives by submitting pictures, sharing stories, and getting active in their communities. It was a great success with people from across our region participating and getting involved.

This month, we are looking for northerners to get involved again for the Picture YOU Healthy campaign. We want you to tell us what certain key messages mean to you – in a picture! Visit the Picture YOU Healthy contest page for rules and new key messages released each week. This is a fun way to show us how YOU live an active and healthy life in our beautiful region.

We look forward to hearing from you!

[Editor’s note: The first week’s key messages have been revealed on the Picture YOU Healthy contest page. For the rest of the week, we’ll be sharing staff member’s blog posts and pictures about their ideas!]

Dr. Ronald Chapman

About Dr. Ronald Chapman

Ronald Chapman is a physician with a fellowship in community medicine, and extensive experience in the leadership and management of health services with a focus on community health. Dr. Chapman joined the Northern Health team in 2007 as regional director of the Northern Cancer Control Strategy. Dr. Chapman assumed the role of the chief medical health officer of Northern Health in June 2011, and in February 2013, he transitioned to Vice President, Medicine in Northern Health.