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Picture YOU Healthy week 1 winner

Week 1 winner

Congratulations Loretta, our week 1 winner of the Picture You Healthy contest, who shows us that every move counts.

Thank you to everyone who has entered the Picture YOU Healthy challenge! We have had so many amazing photo entries in our first couple of weeks – it’s clear that participants are putting a lot of thought into healthy lifestyles, including healthy eating, active living and building healthy communities. It’s been very difficult to pick just one winner for the first week – but all entries will continue to be eligible to win for weeks two and three, so stay tuned!

We’re pleased to announce that the week 1 winner is Loretta Mercer from New Aiyansh, B.C. Loretta entered this photo in the active living category, choosing to show us what “every move counts” means to her. Loretta told us that she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009 and has been battling it since 2004, making exercising (particularly recovering from it) very difficult. She said, “I have met an awesome nurse, who understands that I have Fibromyalgia and has offered to help me get fit and not get sick… This is the first program I have joined since 2009 and I am excited. I can’t wait to see me fit.”

Congratulations Loretta – and we wish you all the best with your new exercise program!!

To everyone else, keep sending in your fantastic entries! We look forward to seeing how you picture yourself healthy. Enter to win in the Picture YOU Healthy challenge before March 22.

Jessica Quinn

About Jessica Quinn

Jessica Quinn is the regional manager of digital communications and public engagement for Northern Health, where she is actively involved in promoting the great work of NH staff to encourage healthy, well and active lifestyles. She manages NH's content channels, including social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). When she's not working, Jessica stays active by exploring the beautiful outdoors around Prince George via kayak, hiking boots, or snowshoes, and she has recently completed her master's degree in professional communications from Royal Roads University, with a focus on the use of social media in health care. (NH Blog Admin)



  1. candice french says

    As a parent I truly believe, this is an awsome way to keep people healthy, in a helathy community. I think it would be good, if we had events for children, to get out and be active; especially when there is a high risk for obestity, and have random luncheons, or breakfasts, and encourage parents to eat healthy, and to make their children eat healthy; by giving them voutures for fruits and vegetables to have a healthy start in life