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National Immunization Awareness Week – 100,000 Vaccine Challenge

Nurses with I Boost Immunity t-shirts in a group photo

Northern Health nurses are boosting immunity – how will you be marking Immunization Awareness Week?

This week is National Immunization Awareness Week and it’s a great time to think about the importance of immunizations! I’m celebrating by taking the “100,000 Vaccine Challenge” with I Boost Immunity and I want to challenge you to take part, too! Together, we can help vaccinate children around the world!

Here’s how it works

I Boost Immunity encourages ordinary people like you to do a series of fun and informative online quizzes. For each right answer, one vaccine is donated to UNICEF Canada. You can also share articles and stories about the importance of vaccination through your social networks. The more you do on the site to learn and share, the more vaccines you earn in support of UNICEF Canada. It’s that simple. I’ll be taking quizzes all week and hope that you’ll join me!

The online quizzes start easy but get more challenging as you level up. You can also form teams and earn achievement badges along the way. Do practically anything on I Boost Immunity and you’ll earn vaccines!

Check out I Boost Immunity and get clicking to help us reach 100,000 vaccines by April 30th!

Carlin Miroslaw

About Carlin Miroslaw

Based in Houston, Carlin is the interim Communications Liaison Nurse for Northern Health. Her role focuses on promoting immunization awareness and supporting internal and external communications. Having lived in the North for over 30 years, Carlin has pursued her outdoor passions of hiking, swimming, canoeing, biking, skiing, and gardening.