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Oats in a bowl, yogurt, apple, and almonds

A little bit of prep work the night before can make a healthy, balanced breakfast a breeze, even on those rushed mornings! With a bit of chopping and mixing in the evening, bircher muesli (or overnight oats) are a great way to enjoy a balanced breakfast without any morning preparations other than grabbing a spoon!

Breakfast is one of my favourite things! On weekends, I enjoy getting up to put on some coffee and then trying out one of the many recipes I have yet to enjoy, like Tomato and Feta Baked Eggs.

Another favourite thing of mine? Sleep! So during the weekdays when I’d rather stay in bed a few more minutes, I have to push my dreams of homemade hollandaise out the window. But waking up to a rushed morning (how many times did I push snooze again?) does not mean I have to miss my favourite meal or settle for a bowl of cereal.

Here’s what I do to enjoy a healthy, balanced breakfast even if I’ve hit snooze once or twice:

  • Prepare or cook the night before. There are so many ideas for breakfasts that can be made the night before (many without a stove!) so that all you have to do in the morning is plate and enjoy. Some of my favourites are: hardboiled eggs, smoothies, baked oatmeal, bircher muesli and what I consider to be its modern cousin, overnight oats.
  • Prepare or cook more the night before. It’s important to me to pack a lunch each day. However, I know if I feel rushed in the morning, this won’t be happening. So I pack my lunch the night before. That way, all I have to do in the morning is throw it in my lunch box on the way out the door! Be sure to check the Northern Health Matters blog next week for lunch tips as part of Nutrition Month!

    Bircher muesli in a bowl beside lunch box.

    Lunch box packed and bircher muesli ready to be eaten, rushed mornings don’t have to mean missing breakfast or settling for unhealthy options!

  • Do anything you can the night before! I think my mom realized at a young age that I wasn’t a morning person and so she taught me some great skills to get to places on time. Thanks, Mom! During the evening, I’ll write a to-do list for the next day, pack all of the stuff that I can, and sometimes when I’m extra motivated, I’ll even sort out which clothes I’ll wear. This not only saves me time in the morning to enjoy my breakfast, but it eases my mind before I fall asleep.
  • Don’t hit snooze for the third time. I know, I know – probably not what you want to hear! But sometimes I find that my day is that much better if instead of sleeping, I just get up and get going. I use this extra time to just enjoy my cup of coffee and breakfast and breathe, instead of rushing around getting organized.

From experience, I think the most important thing when I’m trying to change my routine is to start small. It took time for me to accept that I may not be up at the crack of dawn. But since I’ve started to do what I can the night before, I can enjoy those few minutes in the morning dedicated to breakfast before my workday begins.

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Chloë Curtis

About Chloë Curtis

Chloë is a health promotion intern doing a 3.5 month internship to complete her BSc in Health Promotion from Dalhousie University. Her areas of interest include food security, early childhood development, the social determinants of health, community development, and the impacts of resource development on health. Chloë grew up in Terrace and her love of the north has brought her home. She loves being active outside: skiing in the winter, hiking and running in the summer, and fly-fishing all year round!