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Think outside of the cereal box

Frittata in a skillet

Frittatas are a great make-ahead breakfast that can be eaten for any meal!

This blog post is one in a series of posts giving you the tools you need to complete the month-long Eating 9 to 5 challenge! Visit the contest page for your chance to win great weekly prizes and the grand prize of a Vitamix blender!

We’ve all heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you’re anything like me, you think that this is a cruel joke because you find mornings the most challenging time of the day! On these cold winter mornings in particular, I find it hard to leave myself enough time to make something substantial for breakfast. Thankfully, I’ve come up with a way to work around this!

What comes to mind when you think of “breakfast” foods?

If you’re an average Canadian, you’re probably thinking of one of the four most common breakfast foods:

  • Ready-to-eat cereals
  • Toast
  • Fruit
  • Hot cereal

Around 80% of breakfasts are thrown together in five minutes or less, so it isn’t surprising that the food items above are the most common as they take very little time to prepare. But let it be known: these items don’t have to be your default for a quick breakfast (unless you want them to be)!

The trick to having healthy, delicious breakfasts in a snap is preparing on your days off or the night before. I am a huge fan of versatile meals and will often cook something for supper that I can easily eat for breakfast or lunch. Cook once and eat 3, 4, or more times!

Here are some meals that you can make for supper that can easily be turned into breakfast

  • Frittatas: You can dress them up and take them to breakfast, lunch, or supper! Serve them with toast and you have breakfast. Serve them with quinoa and some greens and you have lunch or supper. This is my favorite versatile meal! It can be disguised into whatever you need it for. Try this easy recipe to get you started!
  • Baked beans: Throw these onto an English muffin or corn tortilla with salsa and avocado. Add an egg and you could have your own version of huevos rancheros!
  • Whole grain pancakes or french toast: Top with peanut butter and banana! These are traditionally breakfast foods but they can be made for supper and saved for breakfast! Make extras, freeze them, and pop them in the toaster!
  • Roasted potatoes and veggies: Toss on a soft or hardboiled egg or onto a small amount of cheese, throw it all into a container and hit the road. You’ve made yourself a breakfast skillet!
  • Burritos and enchiladas: Switch out the bean or meat filling for fried eggs, add some peppers, mushrooms, and a small amount of cheese, and there you have it: a breakfast burrito! Make it the night before, wrap it in tinfoil, and pack it with you.

If you make these meals in advance, it only takes about 2 minutes to heat up and enjoy!

Your challenge for this week: think about how you might turn some of your common suppers into breakfast the next day! If you’re looking for other ways to jazz up your breakfast (or just need a laugh) check out the video below about breakfasts from around the world!

Northern Health’s nutrition team has created these blog posts to promote healthy eating, celebrate Nutrition Month, and give you the tools you need to complete the Eating 9 to 5 challenge! Visit the contest page and complete weekly themed challenges for great prizes including cookbooks, lunch bags, and a Vitamix blender!

Lindsay Kraitberg

About Lindsay Kraitberg

Lindsay is a registered dietitian working regionally with the CBORD (a food and nutrition database used in food services) team as well as in complex care. Originally from Vancouver Island, she grew up in the small town of Duncan then lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia for four years before relocating to the north. Lindsay thoroughly enjoys her position with Northern Health as she works with many different health care teams and learns something new every day. When Lindsay isn't at work, you can find her snowboarding in the winter and hiking, biking or camping in the warmer weather.



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