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Spreading men’s health across the north!

Two speakers at a conference.

Holly Christian (Northern Health) and Trevor Kehoe (First Nations Health Authority) speak at Men’s Health Works. What can you do to promote men’s health?

When working in an emerging area of health promotion in the north, it can often feel like you’re the lone soldier on the battlefield. The battle we are currently waging is men’s health.

Statistics on the cost of men’s health in Canada released by the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation are startling to say the least and highlight the ongoing need for prevention work.

Northern Health has been a key player in the men’s health movement in Canada, gaining much attention for the cause with the release of the insightful Where are the Men? report. That’s not to say there aren’t other groups working on men’s health in larger centres. There are also groups focused on specific men’s health issues. We’re likely all aware of the Movember phenomenon and many other pockets of prostate cancer work being done.

However, men’s health is complex and involves more than just their testicles. The risks for chronic disease (including sedentary behaviour, obesity, poor diet, stress and smoking) are showing up in all men of all age groups. In fact, there’s never been a better time to come out from behind the 8-ball (pardon the pun) and figure out our next move.

Men’s Health Works

On June 8, 2015, thanks to the Centre for Excellence in Cancer Prevention and the BC Healthy Living Alliance, researchers, health promotion staff and community members came together in Prince George for the Men’s Health Works workshop. It was a great opportunity to showcase, for a northern audience, men’s health work happening across B.C. and beyond!

Men’s Health Works covered topics including men’s health in the workplace, suicide and depression, First Nations men’s health, and a highlight of POWERPLAY and Working on Wellness, two research projects taking place in northern, male-dominated workplaces (to learn more about Working on Wellness, check out the latest issue of A Healthier You magazine!).

The passion for men’s health in the room was evident! The fact that the men’s health message is spreading is a testament to the work of not only researchers and health authorities like Northern Health, but the amazing work of community members who are making men’s health a priority and talking about it at home, work, school, and on the ground!

My key takeaway messages from the workshop were:

  • Women have a huge role to play in the health of men. As mothers, sisters, daughters, spouses, aunties, cousins and friends, they need to encourage and support the men in their lives to prioritize their health.
  • Workplaces are in a unique position to support men’s health in an environment where men spend most of their time. Policies that support health both at work and after work lead to healthier, happier workers.
  • Local champions for men’s health can have a big impact in their communities.
  • Current Canadian research is leading to the development of resources aimed at men that address depression, suicide, and social isolation.

What can you do to help promote men’s health?

Holly Christian

About Holly Christian

Holly Christian is a Regional Lead for Population Health. She has a passion for healthy living and health promotion and is a foodie at heart. Originally from Ontario, she has fully embraced northern living, but enjoys the warmth of the sun and the sound of the ocean. She swims, bikes and runs, and just completed her first marathon.