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Tales from the man cave: Why should I care about my health?

rich is being healthy

“Rich” is being healthy in mind, body and spirit.

If I had a million dollars
I’d be rich the song tells us. But what really is being rich? Would a million make me happier? Oh yeah, but maybe just for a little while.

Being healthy is being rich
Rich in mind, body and spirit. Healthy in relationships at home, at work, and in the community, and for all this you need a good balance of work/rest, diet, exercise and self-care of the spiritual kind, whatever that means to you. That could be reading an inspirational book, looking at art going to musical shows or meditation and prayer. There are as many pathways to the spiritual as there are creatures.

Mental health
A colleague reminded me that when I disregard my own health, I am disregarding the health and well-being of those who love me. That startled me a little.

The story runs like this: I am tough, I only whine at my spouse when I have a cold, but out of the house I am a real hero and there is nothing wrong with me. Cool! That’s what men are like… or are we?

Men are not indestructible
We are not indestructible but each unique man is certainly irreplaceable. Men are under stress: working demanding jobs, being fathers, lovers, etc. Just being men is stressful, I suppose, dealing with an ever-changing world with its ever-changing values.

We are not weak
When we worry, we are not weak, but sometimes we just don’t want to know if there is something wrong.

Oh, if illness was so simple
We are at risk for prostate and colorectal cancer in greater numbers than before, as well as heart disease and lung disease, and alarmingly, increased suicide risk.

Visit our men’s health site for more info about this. You need to.

Some of the things we don’t want to know about can kill us, so it’s good to be aware of two things: our tendency towards toughing it out and our tendency to bury our heads in the sand.

Lads let’s get regular checkups even with the risk that they find ‘something.’ If not for ourselves then maybe, more importantly, let’s do it for those who love us.

Jim Coyle

About Jim Coyle

Jim is a tobacco reduction coordinator with the men’s health program, and has a background in psychiatry and care of the elderly. In former times, Jim was director of care at Simon Fraser Lodge and clinical coordinator at the Brain Injury Group. He came to Canada from Glasgow, Scotland 20 years ago and, when not at work, Jim plays in the band Out of Alba and spends time with his family.