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Recruitment on the road: Pharmacy Technician Society of BC event

On October 18, Northern Health Recruiter Steve Prins was in Richmond for a Pharmacy Technician Society of BC event. Thanks to all of the Pharmacy Technicians who stopped by our booth to chat about working at Northern Health! We’re looking forward to keeping in touch!

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A middle-aged man stands, Steve Prins, stand and smiles in the Northern Health booth. The booth consists of a Northern Health pull-up banner and a table with swag and information materials.

Northern Health Recruiter Steve Prins, on the road in Richmond, BC.


Sanja Knezevic

About Sanja Knezevic

Sanja is a communications advisor with Northern Health’s medical affairs department and is based in Prince George. She moved to Canada in 1995 from former Yugoslavia to Fort Nelson where she lived for a few years before moving to Prince George in 2000. Sanja enjoys photography, curling up with a good book, cooking and spending time with her friends and family.


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