Healthy Living in the North

Relating to the teen in your life

family on bicycles in a forest.

The relationship you have with the teen(s) in your life is likely filled with moments of hope, joy, pride, challenge, frustration, fear, confusion, and everything in between. So how can parents and connected adults navigate these relationships and … [Continue reading]

Learning on the job: finding wellness as a professional physiotherapist

Woman riding a bike through a desert

For Christina Conrad, a newly minted physiotherapist based in Prince George, life and wellness can be thought of like a tree. “It’s important to have lots of different branches on the tree. If each branch represents a facet of your life, then it’s … [Continue reading]

Dr. Knoll’s Recipe for Wellness

Dr Knoll cross country skiing with her husband.

How does someone in the world of medicine and healthcare manage their own wellness? I think many people just assume, “Hey, she’s a doctor, she must be healthy – she’s so involved in supporting wellness that it must be just easy!” The fact is, it’s … [Continue reading]

“3D”: Drugs, Dinos, and Dinner – Another unique conference in Tumbler Ridge

Physicians are learning tendon repair using pigs' legs.

By Dr. Charles Helm & Heather Gummow The second “3D conference” – Drugs, Dinos and Dinner – was held in Tumbler Ridge from May 25–27. Nearly 70 physicians, pharmacists, paramedics and nurses registered, a number that swelled to 120 at the … [Continue reading]

Views: The 2018 Northern Healthcare Travelling Roadshow

Mayor of Smithers on a bike showing off city.

The Healthcare Travelling Roadshow was conceived as a grass roots initiative to address rural healthcare workforce shortages. It brings together a multidisciplinary group of health-care students from post-secondary institutions around B.C. to … [Continue reading]

World No Tobacco Day: five facts you need to know

May 31st is World No Tobacco Day! Interested in learning how quitting commercial tobacco can improve your health? Check out these five facts: Quitting improves your health right away. If you quit smoking or chewing commercial tobacco, your … [Continue reading]