Healthy Living in the North

Happy anniversary: two years since Prince George smoke and vape bylaw

The City of Prince George promotes a healthy environment for all to enjoy. Two years ago on May 1, 2016 the city council adopted a bylaw to regulate smoking and vaping in outdoor areas and joined 68 other municipalities in BC who have a bylaw … [Continue reading]

Gathering with food: northern voices

family eating together at table.

In March, we celebrated Nutrition Month. Throughout the month, dietitians across Canada highlighted food’s potential, including the ability of food to bring us together. In support of this theme, Northern Health held a photo contest, asking northern … [Continue reading]

Oral Health Month: think mouth, think health

mouth graphic brushing teeth.

The most rewarding parts of my day-to-day work happen when I have the opportunity to really make a positive change within a family. While this may not happen all the time when it does, it is truly motivating. I’ve been a practising Dental Hygienist … [Continue reading]

The relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and lifelong health: a physician’s perspective

mom and kids sitting on mountain

You never know how you’ll come across your next great idea. It could be something seen in passing, an article, or words exchanged between friends. In Dr. Christine Brenckmann’s case, the idea to use the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) … [Continue reading]

Dietitians share their Pro Tips!

group shot of dietitians together.

To celebrate Nutrition Month this March, my colleagues and I had a potluck. The theme was “Throwback Thursday,” where we prepared foods that were important to us during our childhood. During the potluck, we gathered and shared stories about the … [Continue reading]

A study in self-care: what’s on the menu?

three girls eating outside at a picnic table together.

Imagine your “happy place.” Where are you? What is it about this place that allows you to let go of stress? Now, come back to this reality. What can you do to gain that same feeling of relief? As a university student, I've had ups and downs with … [Continue reading]