Healthy Living in the North

Foodie Friday: the joys of the harvest

meal on plate

As the days get shorter and crisper, my thoughts turn to the kitchen more.  The ground has frozen where I live, I have pulled everything from my garden and now have a bounty of root vegetables to use.  Beets have been a favorite of mine since I was a … [Continue reading]

Juggling the joys (and challenges) of breastfeeding my toddler

Having a mommy and daddy who work full-time is hard for a toddler. Despite a busy schedule, our two-year old daughter, Jovie, continues to enjoy breastfeeding. She always looks forward to snuggles after daycare – a time when she can have “mama … [Continue reading]

What does introducing solid food mean for breastfeeding?

Infant eating chicken and peas.

I am the mother of an energetic and impish toddler, and have experienced many humbling lessons in my short parenting career. One of my biggest lessons so far is, “You figure something out, and then it changes.” Take feeding, for example. After an … [Continue reading]

Sustaining breastfeeding together: She can do it, you can help

breastfeeding mom

A cup of hot tea. A tasty meal. A much-needed foot rub. In my early postpartum days, these supportive gestures from my husband helped while I was learning how to breastfeed our daughter, Jovie. Like most moms, I was feeling the exhaustion that … [Continue reading]

Breastfeeding: a cultural approach can make all the difference

In 1977, Buffy Sainte-Marie, a Plains Cree woman from the Piapot reserve, appeared on Sesame Street explaining breastfeeding to Big Bird as she breastfed her son, Dakota "Cody" Starblanket Wolfchild. This was the first time breastfeeding had been … [Continue reading]

Why skin-to-skin care is important for your baby’s well-being

mother holding breastfeeding baby

Have you ever thought about having your baby skin-to-skin with you after birth and in the first few weeks after birth? Many parents have never thought about holding their baby skin-to-skin until they are pregnant and skin-to-skin is mentioned as an … [Continue reading]