Healthy Living in the North

Foodie Friday: microwave cooking 2.0

spaghetti and meatballs on plate

This summer, when I was trying to beat the heat, I used my microwave more often. It worked well, keeping my kitchen and the whole house a little cooler. I was amazed because I’d never used the microwave to cook things like rice and pasta. Now the … [Continue reading]

Diagnosis: Retiring. Here’s what retirement looks and feels like to two long term Prince George doctors.

garry knoll cycling on a road in the summer.

As my co-worker, Bailee, and I walked down the street to meet up with and interview Drs. Garry and Susan Knoll, we jokingly bantered back and forth what we would do if we were retiring. The Knolls have been family doctors in Prince George for over 25 … [Continue reading]

Food Security, Part 2: Food Costing in BC

Food costing report cover.

How much does it cost for you to put food on your table? Your weekly grocery bill may come to mind, as well as how and where you get your food. But do you also factor in costs like getting to the grocery store? The cost of a basic, healthy diet The … [Continue reading]

Big moves with big health rewards

Leah Smith with her dog, Sage, holding a fishing rod near a river.

I, like many other healthcare professionals, find taking care of patients to be second nature – it’s just built into who I am. However, when it comes time to taking care of myself, it’s easy for me to neglect my own personal health and … [Continue reading]

Dunrovin celebrates Care Aide Assistants day

chart of thank yous.

Care Aides at Dunrovin are at the heart of the services we provide to our residents every day. Whether they're helping with meals or aids to daily living, or providing social interaction and emotional support, Care Aides build close relationships … [Continue reading]

Life’s balancing act

small playhouse

Life is challenging. Some moments are amazingly beautiful while others are just tough. This holds true for both our professional and personal lives. As the years pass, I have found it more and more important to ensure that time is taken each day for … [Continue reading]